Food Pantry


Unloading the truck contributed by Saint Mary's of the Lakes Church.


Stocking the shelves of the pantry store on March 27th  2018.

The Christian Food Pantry at St. John is a ministry of area Christian churches.  Contributing congregations include St. Mary of the Lakes, Lakewood and its satellite churches in Silver Cliff and Crooked Lake.  Also St. Ambrose, Wabeno; St. Michael's Chapel, Mountain; Forest Larger Parish Presbyterian Churches in Lakewood and Wabeno, and Tabor Lutheran, Mountain. We have been serving the community on a regular basis since March of 1999.

CFP serves the towns of Townsend, Lakewood, Mountain, Suring, and Wabeno.  Anyone who needs help is welcome to register regardless of income.  A box of non-perishable food items is given to each family.  The number of items depends on family size as does the amount of the perishable food grocery voucher, ranging from $10 - $30 and good at Mikes in Townsend or Super Valu in Lakewood.

Open sessions are twice monthly on the second and fourth Wednesdays, 9 am and 6 pm on each day and staying open until all are served. Johnsonville sausage is available at each session as well as sundry items donated by Eileen's Confectioners in Green Bay. At holiday time there are gifts for the children from our "Heart Tree" at Lakewood Super Valu, and hams, turkeys, and fresh vegetables.  

Our volunteers  shelve donated food items and assist with distribution at the open sessions.  The schedule of volunteers is below. To join our happy, helpful team, call Scott Wycherley at 715-276-3920.


Jan. 22, Get-Ready Day

Jan. 23, 9 am: Moderows (2), Paul, Rudy, Gert*

Jan. 23, 6 pm: Baumans (2), Cassie* and Jim Zittlow

Jan. 29, St. Mary's Day

Feb. 12, Get-Ready Day

Feb. 13, 9 am: Spaudes (2), Melody, Kathy J, Janet B*

Feb. 13, 6 pm: Diedricks (2), Mary V, Jim and Patti * Bauman

Feb. 26, St. Mary's Day

Feb. 27, 9 am: Cassie* and Jim Zittlow, Rudy, Matt, Deb

Feb. 27, 6 pm: Lori, Virginia* Bill, Fred

Mar. 12, Get-Ready Day

Mar. 13, Scott* Rudy, Cassie, Paul, Deb

Mar. 13, 6 pm: (Lent) Matt, Bill, Pat* and Lyn Moderow, Jim Z

Mar. 26, St. Mary's Day

Mar. 27, 9 am: Gert* Melody, Spaudes (2), Paul

Mar. 27, 6 pm: (Lent) Cassie* and Jim Zittlow, Deb, Moderows (2)

April 8,  4 pm: Volunteer Quarterly Meeting and Get-Ready Day

April 10, 9 am: Rudy, Virginia, Scott* Kathy J, Melody

April 10, 6 pm: Bill, Fred, Patti* and Jim Bauman

*Lead Volunteer