Dateline Townsend, Saturday, February 16, 2019             

MUSIC this weekend: Saturday, Choir sings "Crystal River." Sunday the Sunday School sings "The Ten Commandments" and Scott and Melody sing "I've Got Peace Like A River."


BREAKFAST BIBLE Class series on "Angels" begins April 3. The study materials have just arrived and are available for a pre-class advanced look. Those interested in signing up for the series should call Scott at 715-850-0768.  Our class consists of a hearty breakfast with piping hot coffee, a 40 minute study, prayer, and mission: we collect a dollar a week for a cause within our church community and also sign a greeting card to brighten someone's day.

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DALE GREENWOOD is home and on hospice care.

SPONSORSHIP information for the stained glass windows yet to be done, and the new chairs for the front of the sanctuary, is available on a sheet on the credenza in the Gathering Place at church. Of the six side sanctuary windows, four are spoken for.

PRAYERS for Jeannine Recknagel at Antigo Eastview Rehab after being released from Wausau Hospital. She has been dealing with heart issues. Pray also for Harold as he drives back and forth.

STAINED GLASS WINDOWS:  The six side windows in the nave will be up for sponsorship. The right side windows will be depicting scenes from the Old Testment before Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  The left side windows will show the life of the world to come.  There will be at least ten different scenes to choose from to sponsor.  Only the six chosen will be actually created by artist Bonnie Nygard and installed.  As mentioned above, six families have already pledged to sponsor a window.