Dateline Townsend


CHRISTMAS GIFTS from the Lakewood Super Valu Heart Tree will be distributed today, 9 and 6 at Pantry.

PANTRY is open today 9 and 6.

THIRD ADVENT service is this evening at 5:30.  The choir sings "Angels We Have Head On High" and "The First Noel."

VOTERS  meeting is this evening, 6:30 pm. The 2019 budget will be considered for approval.

CHRISTIAN THRIFT Store Christmas dinner party is at St. John Thursday, 4:30 pm.  Call the store to sign up, 715-473-6509.

STARRY NIGHT, NOISY NIGHT will be presented as our children's Christmas program and worship service Wednesday, December 19. The Christmas story is told from the viewpoint of the animals in the context of modern dialog. Besides being cute and amusing, more importantly it carries the essential message of God's love for us in sending His Son.  Final rehearsal for the children is next Sunday 10:30 am - 2 pm with lunch included.

PRAYERS for the mother of Melody Stake, recovering from surgery.

CHRISTMAS CALENDAR of Services and Events at St. John:

Wed. Dec. 12 - Christmas Pantry including Heart Tree Gifts, 9 and 6; Youth meal at 6:15; Congregational Voters' Meeting 6:30.

Wed. Dec. 12- Third Advent Worship, 5:30

Thur. Dec. 13- Christian Thrift Store Christmas Party, 4:30 @ St. John

Wed. Dec. 19 - Children's Christmas "Starry Night, Noisy Night," 5:30

Mon. Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve Candlelight Services (no communion) 5 and 7 pm

Tue. Dec. 25 - Christmas Festival Communion, 9 am

Mon. Dec. 31 - Positve Leadership for Adults/Youth Community New Years Eve Party @ Madonna Hall, St. Ambrose, Wabeno, 6-10 pm

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STAINED GLASS windows were installed last Tuesday.  The curing process was speeded up, and what was going to be due in April was ready to go earlier this week.  You'll see this magnificent piece of work when you come to worship this morning.  The work was done by local artist Bonnie Nygard. There are still the two side chancel windows and six nave windows to design and create.

NEW FLOORING was installed in the fellowship hall and old fellowship hall last week.

PRAYERS for Donna Limberg's continued recovery after successful surgery in Green Bay last Monday.

CONTINUED PRAYERS for our cancer fighters Chuck Ruck, Dale Greenwood, and Bob Neitzer.