Dateline Townsend


CHURCH SANCTUARY walls were replaced with dry wall Monday.

SCRABBLE meets today 11;45.

BELLCHOIR plays Saturday for the 5:30 service.

"LIVING MARY Life in a Martha World" is a women's Bible study beginning Monday, Aug. 20, 4:30 pm.  Call Sue Neider to order a book, 715-889-6992.

SUNDAY SCHOOL begins Sept. 9, 10:30.

PRAYERS for Bonnie Warren, Karen Haberstein's sister, with second degree cervical cancer.

PRAYERS for Jeanne Marshall. Her bypass surgery was cancelled.  Some other options will be tried in a couple of weeks. She is scheduled for a catheterization Aug. 30.

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MARY JANE ERDMAN Church Worker Scholarship was awarded to Samantha Exferd after the Saturday evening service. She is studying for a degree in special education and completed her minor in theology last semester. Upon graduation she will be eligible for a call in the teaching ministry of Synod. She returns to Concordia Friday.

CONTINUED prayers for Chuck Ruck and Jim Petersen.  Dale Greenwood is being treated for bladder cancer. He is also dealing with a potential lung problem. He will see a lung specialist in about two weeks.

ADDITION DEDICATION service is October 28, 2 pm with beef stew dinner to follow.